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✨ Model Notes ✨

  • Please arrive by 6:30p in order to get ready.  Short poses begin at 6:45p.

  • Bring a comfy robe & slippers (or anything that’s easy to slip on/off during breaks).

  • We'll have a heater, pillows, and a soft blanket that can be rolled for laying poses.

  • I'll announce the pose time so that everyone can focus on their creative flow.

  • The Usual Pose Schedule

  • 30-seconds (10)

  • 1-Minute Poses (5)

  • 2-minutes (5)

  • - Short Break - 

  • 5-Minute Poses (5)

  • - Short Break -

  • 10-Minute Poses (2)

  • - Long Break -

  • Long Poses (Either a 20 & 25 Minute or three 15’s)


✨ Some Posing Tips ✨

  • Given our circular format, it's a good idea to rotate 60-90° after each pose to vary the room direction- and sometimes consider tilting the chin up occasionally to change up the portrait lighting. 

  • The first 20 minutes are our gesture/short poses, which are lots of fun and can be the most experimental, given these poses don’t need to be held as long as the later ones.

  • I like to think of the word “dynamic” when posing- considering slight angle variation to create interesting poses.  Try channeling a meaningful emotion or memory to guide the body into something that stirs personal meaning.  Even “closed” poses (eg: where the arms are hugging oneself) create very moving compositions!

  • It can be nice to practice a few loose ideas in front of a mirror beforehand- thinking of ballet or modern dance to sense the natural mvoement of one's limbs and torso.  This is great for some pre-pose stretching.

  • After the shorter poses in the beginning, be mindful of poses that might put strain on shoulders:  Anything with raised arms can become very difficult after the first 3-5 minutes!  Modeling is also a "learn by doing" practice, so it's ok to try out an idea and see what works. : )

Lastly, I'm always happy to offer direction as needed at the session!

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